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A Guide to Choosing the Right Garment and Textile Label Application Service for your Brand

At LLUK, we understand that every brand has unique needs. Our diverse range of textile labelling solutions, including garment labelling, relabelling services, and care/garment label application services, is designed to help luxury brands create a lasting impression. Whether you need a quick and cost-effective solution or a luxury finish, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

LLUK specialises in providing finishing solutions for the textile industry, tailored to meet the unique needs of global luxury brands while focusing on elevated brand identity. With a blend of high-quality and efficiency, our label application services offer diverse brands the perfect finishing touch based on their needs and exclusivity. As a Tier 1 supplier for private label fashion and lifestyle soft goods fulfilment, we are committed to delivering value, quality, and scalability.

Key Label Application Services:

Cost-Effective Label Application: Straight-Stitch, Adhesive Labelling

  • Straight Stitch: For brands seeking a straightforward yet durable labelling solution, our straight stitch technique is perfect. This method offers a balance between cost-efficiency and quality, ensuring your labels stay secure without breaking the bank.

  • Adhesive Labelling: Adhesive labelling is a quick and cost-effective option, especially suitable for large bulk orders. This method allows for rapid application while maintaining a clean and professional look using heat transfer methods.

Jaquemus Straight-stitch Label Application
SuperDry Adhesive Label Application

Bulk Production Labelling: Programmable Stitch

  • Programmable Stitch Labelling: Consistency is key in luxury branding. Our programmable stitch offers a streamlined and efficient solution, perfect for achieving uniformity across your product range. This method is particularly beneficial for large-scale bulk production where precision is essential. We offer a variety of stitching designs, including 4 corner tab, 2 corner tab, and L stitch, providing flexibility and ensuring that your labels are applied neatly and securely.

Luxury Label Finishings: Blind-Stitch, Stud Branding, Leather Labelling, Hand-Sewn Labelling

  • Blind Stitch Label Application: This technique minimises visible stitches, providing a seamless finish that is not visible on the reverse side of the fabric. Ideal for garments where subtlety and elegance are paramount.

  • Stud Branding: Decorative and Distinctive: This decorative method not only serves as a label but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your garment, making it stand out in the luxury clothing market.

  • Leather Labelling: Luxury and Textured: For a truly luxury finish, the leather label application is perfect for high-end couture brands. Leather labels add a textured and sophisticated touch that speaks volumes about your brand's quality and attention to detail.

  • Hand-Sewn Labels: Tailored and Versatile: Hand-sewn labels offer a bespoke touch, ideal for brands that value craftsmanship. This versatile method allows for intricate designs and a tailored finish that highlights the uniqueness of your products.

Piawallen blind stitch label application
The Row metal button stud branding label
Saint Laurent Cashmere scarf leather labelling

Label Application for Swimwear & Sportswear

  • Heat Application: Heat Label Application is perfect for sportswear and swimwear brands, as the foil label ensures durability and flexibility on stretch fabrics.

Polo Ralph Lauren Heat Label Application

Delivering Value, Quality, and Scalability Our demonstrated history in establishing multiple highly skilled service lines ensures that we can meet the needs of businesses who value purpose and transparency. Whether you require basic skill levels or bulk functioning solutions, LLUK is your trusted manufacturing partner.


If you're searching for premium woven labelling application services or garment labelling application services "near me" in London, contact us today to discover how we can enhance your brand's identity with our premium textile services.

For more information about labelling regulations or UK brands specialising in guided labelling services, please visit the UK Fashion & Textile Association.


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