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Our Range of Sewing Machines 

Sewing, Embroidery & Bespoke Manufacturing for Luxury Brands & Industries


Lockstitch Machine 

The most common and versatile mechanical stitch. Our experienced team of sewing machinists can construct a vast array of products to the highest quality. 



A combination of a straight stitch and a zig zag.


Binding Machine

This binder is used to insert bias binding onto various materials including leather and suedes, along the edge of the fabrics / garments. 


Walking Foot

The Walking foot machine has a presser foot that helps prevent multiple layers of fabric slipping when they are sewn together.


Cover Stitch

A dual function of covering raw edges of a fabric and also retaining fabric stretchability.

IMG_3857 copy.jpg

Blind Stitch

Used to achieve invisible hemming.


Button Hole Machine

An automatic, two-thread chain stitch buttonhole machine used to produce keyhole shaped buttonholes


Bartack Machine

Advanced electronic bartacking machine that achieves professional finishing of bartacks. Used on garments and securing of fabrics. 


Blanket Stitch

The distinctive blanket stitch finish is created using our heritage Singer sewing machines and finished by traditional hand techniques. 

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