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Our Services & Craftsmanship

Sewing, Embroidery & Bespoke Manufacturing for Luxury Brands & Industries

A luxury product begins with a love for the craft. We are dedicated to preserving the skills to enhance and secure the future for manufacturing in the UK and build on the UK’s heritage in textiles. 



We specialise in high-quality sewing for a variety of garments, homewares and accessories for the worlds leading luxury brands.

At LLUK we carry a range of machinery allowing us to successfully undertake an array of projects 

Hand Sewing

The exquisite art of hand-stitching can add the touch of luxury to almost any product. Whether it be precisely applying labelling, embellishing or a finishing technique, our extensive team of hand-sewers are experienced with all types of fabrics. 


Blanket Stitch

Working with world-renowned couture fashion houses, interior brands and the largest producers of fine cashmere worldwide, we specialise in blanket-stitching for cushions and blankets, being one of the largest in the UK to offer this luxurious finish using our heritage Singer machines coupled with traditional hand-finishing techniques.


Using our multi-head digital embroidery machines, we can produce a wide range of applications including logos, emblems, text and images as well as individual sew on badges to any design with a variety of finishes.

Heat Tunnel

Although its main application is digital printing, It's great for the removal of an embroidery stabiliser,  Thermogause. When embroidering cashmere products to the highest quality, thermogauze is applied to the reverse of the product to aid with stabilising stitches while embroidering.


Hot Foil Printing & Debossing

Metallic Elephant’s Hot Foil machines are the best in the business and are used worldwide for personalisation and branding for luxury brands.

At LLUK, we have a KSF Mini that is a smaller version of the original KSF hot foil press machine, however is light enough to be portable and can be used for pop-up events, yet powerful enough for everyday industrial use on leather goods and paper products. 

Heat Pressing

Adkins Heat Press BMC20


Still the best selling swing away heat press on the market for 25 years +, this Adkins Heat Press delivers the highest, most consistent pressure on the market. 

Known for its strength and durability, its a great addition to our facility allowing us to brand and personalise a large variety of products. Our heat press is ideal for the use of flex, flock, laser, sublimation, bonding, laminating, reactivation and DTG. 

Heat transfers allow us to add branding to garments (max transfer size 35x45cm). We can also add brand/ size labels to the inside neck of garments.

Our heat transfers are produced by transfer specialists who can meet both specific and more general requirements. They produce durable transfers to withstand intensive washing and last through all weathers. 


Process Mending 

Darning is a traditional sewing technique used to repair faulty areas in fabrics. The process  involves using a needle, and high-quality yarns that will be weaved into the damaged fabric following the same pattern/weave. The repaired areas will then blend into the fabric,  and be sent for undergoing cleaning/finishing processes. 


By attaching pieces of a knitwear garment together loop by loop - the linking process is a skill that is in strong demand by all knitwear Mills


Our Facility 

Based in the centre of Maidenhead, LLUK occupies 10,500 sq ft which houses 60+ sewing machines, 15 hand-sew stations, cutting area, QC area, goods in/out, Embroidery and back of house offices, kitchen, toilet facilities and canteen. 


With future plans for a purpose build large scale facility, we are ever expanding with demand and offering further production solutions for dying skills in textiles. 

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