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White Cotton Fabric

About Us

Managed service & solution providers for the luxury textile and goods sector, providing finishing services for fashion, homeware and hospitality.

We are a bespoke manufacturing facility for luxury goods including but not limited to, specialist finishes in Lockstitch, Blanket-Stitch, Hand-Sewing, and Embroidery. We pride ourselves on our quality of workmanship and personal service.

We manufacture specified products for fashion houses, lifestyle/homeware brands, and provide a bespoke projects service for travel , hospitality and luxury point of sale. 

With strong ethical principles and adherence to social responsibilities, we are fully audited and approved by standards set by our high-end couture clients and industry bodies. We work with our partners and clients to enhance and secure the future for manufacturing in the UK and build on the UK’s heritage in textiles.

The Mission 

LLUK embodies momentum and a constant quest for excellence, paying meticulous attention to detail and striving for perfection. Built on a pivotal business model, we are committed to delivering a redefined manufacturing service to global luxury brands. 

Our Long Term Vision

LLUK must cultivate the highest level of quality, service and growth, not simply to maintain it year after year, but also to elevate it as we continually set even higher standards in everything that we do.

White Cotton Fabric

Our Values

These four values are instilled within and shared by every member of LLUK. They inspire excellence, dictate how we act and constitute the pillars of our performance and long-term success.



We believe in quality that speaks for itself and sets us apart from everyone else. For us quality means the challenge of continuous improvement to be the best in the services we offer and be the best partner for our clients.



For our colleagues, partners, suppliers and the world we live in. Going the extra mile for other people, not because we have to but because it is right and because we care. Every action taken, reflects our commitment to ethics, social responsibility and respect for the environment. We are committed to ensuring that the high-quality products we produce have a positive impact on our planet and the places and communities where we operate.



Integrity means doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances. Integrity is built into how we work as a team and how we work with our clients - doing what we say we will do. 



The growth of people and their skills through training and development. The growth of our reputation within the industry, in revenue and bottom line profits for all.

Our Milestones

Explore the journey of LLUK, where each small triumph has shaped the company into what it is today.

Transparency Dashboard

Transparency Dashboard

Transparency is deeply rooted within our operations and we’d like to share our latest information on our employee score, how we are rated by our clients, and our carbon footprint. 

This information is updated every 3 months. Anonymous internal and external surveys are carried out for our continuous improvement. 



Team members


Mental health first aiders 


High End/Luxury Clients


Client Survey Score


New specialist skilled Services 


Employee Survey Score




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Team Diversity Ratio

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Female Workforce

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Employee Retention Rate


Memberships, Accreditations
& Commitments

Operating in the right way is very important to us, not because we have to, but because we choose to

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