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Our Milestones

Explore the journey of LLUK, where each small triumph has shaped the company into what it is today.

Founded by Rachel Walker, Luxury Lockstitch UK Ltd embarked upon its journey by supporting UK based textile mills with sewing services, enable them to deliver finished products to their base of private label couture clients. Quickly evolving into a permanent BM partner, relied upon to address immediate capacity issues. Later that year, the facility relocated, and space grew to 5,000 sqft introducing additional skills in the form of blanket-stitch and hand sewing.

The Establishing


The Development

A new fashion embroidery department with a 6-head ZSK machine and foil and heat pressing service was introduced, specialising in brand monogramming, patches, and specialist finishes.



Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, production ceased for 8 months in 2020, following instructions from clients

The Covid-19 Outbreak

LLUK gained reputation as a safe pair of hands for mission critical projects, releasing significant “bottlenecks” to provide burst capacity to an over challenged market. LLUK relocated to a larger facility with 10,500 sqft of space, 30 employees, and additional floor space. 

The Growth





During this period of time, the team grew from 30 to 60, where LLUK focused on increasing the capacity to 70,000 + units per annum and building a strong team to prepare us for our future expansion.


The Transition
Bespoke Managed Service Provider

Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 16_edited.jpg


A Managed Service offering was introduced ensuring continual business support to address year on year growth challenges, expanding with demand; a new embroidery facility was acquired and we implemented a stand-alone darning team. Further to this, rapid skills training was implemented to address ageing workforce and national demise of skills, with new services in process mending & linking planned for 2024.



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