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Employee Survey 

With a consistently growing team transparency is deeply rooted within our operations in order to ensure steady growth, comfort and trust between LLUK and it's employees. 

We’d like to share our latest information on our employee scores on our latest survey.

This information is updated every 3 months. Anonymous internal and external surveys are carried out for our continuous improvement. 


Are your responsibilities and job role clear? 

Do you feel stressed at work? 

How would you rate your work-life balance?

Are you encouraged to communicate within the company? 

Do you feel your opinions matter?

Do you receive feedback from your coworkers when needed? 

Is your manager interested in your professional development?

Do you receive the training you need to do your work well? 

How encouraged are you to learn from your mistakes? 

Are you provided opportunities to be promoted or advanced in your role?

How likely are you to look within the company for your next position? 

How likely are you to be working for the company in two years? 


Are you satisfied with your salary for the role that you currently do? 

Do you understand your work perks? 

Are you satisfied with your work perks?



Do you feel respected and valued?

Do you respect and value your coworkers?

Do you respect the senior leaders of the company?

Do you feel employee happiness is a priority for the senior leadership team?



Overall, how satisfied are you with your job? 

4 / 5

Join Our Team 

 We are an ever growing company, offering new opportunities and are looking for hardworking and dedicated people to join the team. 

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